Over 160 Years of History

Our Evolution

1859 Victorian entrepreneur and industrialist John Marston establishes John Marston Ltd in Wolverhampton, England. The company would become a leading manufacturer of bicycles and, over the years, motorcycles, cars, aircraft engines. Heat exchangers were among the earliest ancillary products developed.  

1941 The Trane Co. brazes the world’s first Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger (BAHX) at its plant in La Crosse, Wisconsin 

1951 Arthur D. Little develops the first viable helium liquefaction system. In the late 1960s, ADL establishes Cryogenic Technology, Inc. to develop commercial cryogenic systems for gas separation, purification and liquefaction 

1963 MVE Holdings Inc. provides the first liquefied nitrogen storage tank for artificial insemination 

1978 The Marston Company introduces the vacuum brazing technique for plate fin heat exchangers 

1984 Minnesota Valley Engineering (MVE) installs the first bulk CO2 tank for soft drink carbonation at a McDonald’s® restaurant 

1986 Entrepreneurs Brothers Arthur and Charles Holmes purchase ALTEC International, a brazed aluminum heat exchanger manufacturer based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, that had been spun out from the Trane Co. in 1985. The brothers supplement the focus on cold temperature processing through the acquisition of a series of companies specializing in cryogenic storage and distribution equipment 

1987 Acquire Greenville Tube Corporation (stainless steel tubing)


1990 Acquire Process Engineering, Inc. (cryogenic tanks) 

1990 Minnesota Valley Engineering (MVE) acquires Cryogenic Services Inc. (CSI) in Ball Ground, Georgia (cryogenic tanks)

1991 Acquire Koch Process Systems International (cold boxes) 

1992 The Holmes brothers establish a public holding company named Chart Industries (for CHarles and ARThur) and take it public in an initial public offering (IPO) 

1994 Chart Industries acquires CVI, Inc. (cryogenic vacuum pumps) 

1995 Launches Chart Coastal Fabrication in Louisiana (cold box assembly) 

1997 Acquires Cryenco, Inc. (cryogenic road trailers) 

1998 Acquires the Industrial Heat Exchanger division of UK-based IMI Marston 

1998 Supplies BAHX for the first baseload LNG liquefaction plant utilizing ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade® process 

1999 Acquires Northcoast Cryogenics (cryogenic equipment repair services) 

1999 Acquires MVE Holdings (cryogenic storage and transportation equipment), including Czech Republic-based Ferox and CAIRE, a small business specializing in liquid respiratory oxygen equipment.  The acquisition formed the base for Chart’s BioMedical business


2001 Built the world’s largest liquefied natural gas fueling station for Waste Management, capable of refueling 120 trucks per four hours 

2001 Ships the first LNG fueling station and tanks for the People’s Republic of China 

2005 New facility in Changzou triples Chart’s manufacturing capacity in PR China 

2006 Ferox changes its name to Chart Ferox in order to emphasize its relationship to Chart Industries 

2006 Chart’s liquid nitrogen dosing business receives the prestigious DuPont Packaging Innovation award for its contributions to the packaging industry 

2006 Acquires Cooler Service Co. of Tulsa (air cooled heat exchangers), together with Happy, Tri-Thermal and Esex 

2008 Chart Ferox acquires Germany-based Flow Instruments & Engineering (cryogenic flow meter systems) 

2009 Acquires Chengdu Golden Phoenix Liquid Nitrogen Container Co, Ltd. of Chengdu, PR China 

2009 Acquires Covidien’s liquid oxygen therapy business


2010 Acquires SeQual Technologies (medical oxygen concentrators) 

2011 Acquires Germany- based GOFA Gocher Fahrzeugbau (cryogenic and non-cryogenic mobile equipment) 

2011 Acquires Cryotech International (liquid nitrogen dosing systems) 

2012 Acquires AirSep Corporation (medical and commercial oxygen supply systems) 

2012 Chart delivers the world’s largest integrated nitrogen rejection unit 

2013 Chart exceeds $1 billion in sales 

2013 World’s first dual-fuel high-speed catamaran, the 1,000-passenger roll-on/roll-off ferry Francisco, launches with LNG fuel system designed and delivered by Chart Ferox

2014 Major capacity expansion at La Crosse, Wisconsin, BAHX facility 

2014 Chart commences brazed aluminum heat exchanger manufacture in PR China

2015 Chart Industries aquires Thermax, Inc. (vaporizers, heat exchangers, and thermal systems)

2016 Chart Lifecycle established as a full service organization focused on the optimized performance and longevity of Chart proprietary equipment and solutions

2017 Chart acquires Hetsco, the world’s premier brazed aluminum heat exchanger service and repair company

2017 Chart acquires Hudson Products (Hudson and Smithco air cooled heat exchangers)

2017 Chart acquires VCT Vogel, servicing of cryogenic equipment (Europe)

2018 Chart acquires Skaff Cryogenics, repair, re-manufacturing and service of cryogenic tanks and trailers

2018 Chart completes major facility and capacity expansion in La Crosse, WI

2018 Acquisition of VRV, including its subsidiaries IMB, FEMA and CryoDiffusion. The acquisition extends Chart’s manufacturing footprint through facilities in Italy, India and France and broadens the product portfolio into the non-cryogenic sectors of natural gas and petrochemical processing.

2018 Sale of the respiratory healthcare business (CAIRE Medical)

2019 Air-X-Changers and Hammco brands added to air cooled heat exchanger portfolio

2019 Establish state of the art engineering and manufacturing facility for air cooled heat exchangers in Tulsa, OK

2019 Chart VRV Asia Pacific facility in Sri City, India builds the country's largest liquid hydrogen tank


2020 Recognized by Women on Boards, the premier global education and advocacy campaign

2020 Sale of cryo-biological products business (MVE)

2020 Acquisition of cryogenic and hydrogen transport trailer business from Worthington Industries

2020 Acquisition of former Worthington, Taylor-Wharton MicroBulk cryogenic tank business

2020 Acquisition of BlueinGreen, LLC., a dissolved gas water treatment specialist

2020 Acquisition of Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) - SES' Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ process integrates with Chart's principal equipment and technology to create a total carbon capture solution

2021 Chart transfers to the New York Stock Exchange - our ticker continues to be GTLS

2021 Acquisition of Cryo Technologies, a global leader in custom engineered process systems