Leasing Options

Tailored short or long-term operating leases plus finance lease options for additional project flexibility. Whether it's an ability to respond quickly to seasonal or sudden increases in demand, replace equipment while yours is being repaired, or reduce initial capital expenditure for a major project, Cryo-Lease has a solution. All equipment is set up by Chart trained technicians.

Nitrogen Dosers

Chart's liquid nitrogen dosing systems are used in the food and beverage industry for packaging, preservation and freezing. Dosing also reduces the amount of plastic packaging, saving cost and helping the environment.

Carbon Dioxide Tanks & Trailers

Our liquid CO2 delivery and storage systems are a reliable, cost effective, convenient and safe alternative to high pressure cylinders across a diverse range of applications in food and beverage, industry, water treatment and agriculture.

Water Treatment Solutions

In combination with BlueInGreen technology, Chart provides complete water treatment solutions through efficient delivery of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone.

Hydrogen Trailers

Chart offers liquid hydrogen trailers with capacities up to 18,600 US gallons or 10,160 lbs. We have manufacturing and servicing facilities in the US and Europe and recently added a fully equipped specialist facility in Theodore, AL.


Flexibility Through Cryo-Lease

Cryo-Lease is already providing additional flexibility for customers across the US requiring air gases, carbon dioxide, LNG and hydrogen across a diverse range of applications, including food and beverage packing and preservation, medical, manufacturing, laser cutting and welding, research, water treatment, LNG to power, LNG fueling and more.
Start adding flexibility to your business with just one click.

Options and Terms

Short and long term operating leases to suit your needs:

  • From 1 month to 5 years
  • Wide variety of equipment available for rapid deployment
Lease options to provide additional flexibility for projects of all sizes:
  • Up to 10 year term
  • $1 buyout at the end of the lease term
  • Down payment may be required
Full equipment set up by Chart trained technicians according to customer requirements. Installation also available through field services or Chart Lifecycle (additional fees apply).

Typical stock includes

  • Non-DOT trailers (1500 to 12000 gallons)
  • Bulk tanks, vaporizers and switchers
  • Dosers
  • Nomad trailers
  • Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk storage systems
  • Orca™ XT-2500, HL-3300 and ST-4100
  • 7100 gallon delivery tanker
Coming soon: Hydrogen and CO2 tanks and trailers, TaaS water treatment systems, heat exchangers.

Distribution & Storage Equipment

Cryo-Lease covers Chart's complete range of cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, MicroBulk systems and mobile units.

Available across North America and rapidly expanding across Europe. Other territories available on request.

Inventory of products available for rapid deployment.


Innovation is Our Strength

Introducing the new generation of cryogenic transport trailers for the European market. A combined effort from our GOFA, Flow Instruments and VCT Vogel subsidiaries.

Technical Library

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Cryo-Lease - Distribution & Storage Products

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Cryo-Lease - Heat Transfer Products

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Cryo-Lease - Vaporizer Trailer

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